The people behind PRACTICE are creating a working middle ground for our young people to be able to practice and sustain their working skills in a supportive, resource rich atmosphere.  Below is our introductory statement, please contact us at Heat of the Kitchen if you would like to be involved. This is an inclusive, building idea.

The San Francisco Culinary and Hospitality industry, like many service industries, is desperate to employ properly prepared young people.  Our industry inherently uses attributes that our young people most want and need, such as communication skills, timing and teamwork, in ways that are inviting, accessible and transferable.  At the same time, our young people need real opportunities to first experience and then actively practice these kinds of skills, and more time to sustain their sense of success before risking failure in the workplace.  Both of these areas of need can be met by creating a positive, pre-workforce environment with which youth and young adults from all over the City can access a variety of resources needed to build their futures.

PRACTICE is a place near the Civic Center where youth and young adults can reconnect and extend their education, within the universally accessible theme of a culinary practice and event environment, building transferable skills while they further their sense of self and belonging. The Civic Center is an ideal location because of access to public transportation as well as a regular flow of guests dining before heading to opera, ballet or music venues.

PRACTICE is access, a welcoming entry point for youth and young adults who may have disengaged from their education or are in transition and need support. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to ask for help. To build in additional resources, including counseling and education extensions supports youth with respect, acceptance and inclusion.

PRACTICE is also a doorway directly into industries while providing tools for youth to help dream and plan their futures. The Culinary/Hospitality industry will be involved on a daily basis as consultants, teachers, assistants, volunteers, interviewers and hirerers.  With this centralized location demonstrating youth and young adults working at their best, building links with other industries of interest will help our youth plan and build futures, earning a living wage and enjoying a satisfying life.  To find out more about Heat of the Kitchen, an organization actively interested in making this happen, please visit here.