A Bowl of Comfort

Sometimes just a bowl of something simple and warm helps in ways nothing else can.  This posole, made by Chefs Brenda and Debbie along with our student intern, represents all we hope for in the future. Sustenance for everyone.  Days without anxiety or burden for all.  Hope.  Hospitality.

We look back on the more than 7000 meals we’ve made for families of our school this year and think “wow” and “oh,”  bittersweet with hope that our families will stay safe and fed over the summer.

We are unsure what life will be like when we return to the school building in August. Keeping our backbone of why we do what we do and keeping it positive will lead us to help more young people in ways that are meaningful and matter to them.

Thank you to those who are keeping inspiration and hospitality alive, especially right now!  Feeding people, such a simple act, still connects us and has once again, become inspiring in and of itself.

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Nov 2020 – Shifts

We’ve been doing a lot of counting and maneuvering these days, making sure our packing of deliveries are correct and packed in a way that won’t break or burst as we make our way through San Francisco.

Our team and our students have been great! When we added it all up, we were amazed that our students have collectively made over 600 meals for their families since mid-summer with our ingredient deliveries and weekly virtual cooking class.  That is a definite WOW!

And now that we are heading into winter months, we realize more direct service to students and families of our Ida B. Wells High School holds even greater value at the moment.  With the help of our school’s Wellness Team and support from teachers and staff, we’ve been able to connect with those in our school community who want more food support. Of course, being chefs, our next thought was about what to make that would be most useful and healthy?

Mothers and grandmothers across the world would tell us the same thing: when in doubt, make really good, really healthy chicken soup. Last week we delivered a chicken soup base,with an optional farro-parsley add-in, along with butternut squash empanadas, mustard dill dressing and more fresh produce and eggs. Lastly, we added in our latest experiment- a peanut-free breakfast cookie.

We couldn’t have put it together without the help of the ladies at the SF Produce Market and our Wellness Team at Ida B. Wells. We hope in the weeks to come we can keep supporting families in the ways that they need. And we look forward to sharing more about what we are making for our families and maybe even sharing some student and family favorites.
Stay well and warm everyone!

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Music To Our Ears

It’s time to hit the reset button and relax and begin to tell a wonderful story.  Especially since I did hit the website reset button a little early (!) – please bear with the mid-renovation style of our current website as we prepare to add more features.

I’m eager to share that we are in the midst of a new project which is still “in the rough” like the constantly changing storm that is 2020. But there is refreshed satisfaction in doing something that has value.

Our new project?  In short, we’ve found a way to provide ingredients and a virtual cooking class for our students to make a meal for their family once a week. We’ll add more content soon, such as recipes, packing saves, and provider highlights.

What started out as a crazy idea has become something that matters. Every week, we figure out better ways to pack and deliver groceries and communicate with our students.  It couldn’t happen without the leading drive and creativity of our teachers, Chefs Debbie & Mariah.

This may not be the taproot of what Heat of the Kitchen has been all about, or maybe it is?  Making connections and witnessing our students’ pride in their work are key strivers for us.  To hear a student suddenly say “This tastes really good” is music to our ears.

More soon,  just wanted to share our excitement, even in the midst of our website renovations.

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