Vocabulary Test

The school year is starting in just a few days… so much to do and so little time!  But vocabulary is always in the forefront of an educator’s mind when they are getting ready to teach.

As a chef, one doesn’t think so much about vocabulary.  It is more important that you know how to warn someone you are behind them (“Behind”) or that you are about to make a loud noise (in which case you say clearly “Loud Noise,” before you bang that rolling pin on the pastry dough).  There are many times where saying less means much more.

So while “mise en place”, “blanche” and “saute” are important cooking terms & techniques, our classroom focuses more on working world vocabulary and working attributes  make for a great hunting ground.  When you work with a person who is just seeing their own potential – and its resulting accomplishment, then you watch them as they put it into words like this , it is magical.   Reason#59a why people enjoy teaching.

Then there are a few words we’ve adapted to better suit our team spirit:

Positivity:  our style of staying positive, more of a constant strength that keeps you going rather than something to rise up to or turn on or off.  It is more fun that way.

Respectual:  this version of respect seems to demand less and share more.  It’s respect and mutual blended together.  And we are in this together.

Here’s to the new school year, ready,set, go!   Please join us for our next Long Table Dinner, we are setting our sights on October 11th, and more news on that soon!