Folding Phyllo

I remember the second half of the 3rd quarter from last year.  The weather isn’t the only dampening thing in life, and you can sense struggle in many people’s lives.  But the students themselves stay resilient in a way too, looking for more to do.  A student quietly requested another silent class, his tone sounded like he wanted “to get things done.”   Another mentioned the bastilla we had made at the beginning of the quarter.  I love how the students really do seem to know what the next step should be.

We folded a variety of phyllo triangles:  a spanikopita filling (spinach & feta), a sweet potato samosa like filling & classic baklava “mini” triangles.  It was very satisfying to see the number of triangles that resulted.
The next day we baked them off and enjoyed our samplings, with more than enough to share.
Avglemeno Soup, Phyllo Triangles, Apple-Fennel-Radish Salad