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Thank you 2022

  We’ve always loved any long table opportunity, which means we often end up connecting our cooking tables into a long dining table on many

The Stealth Ingredient – Trust

  This is chard stem. Many of us don’t eat it because it can be a little bitter or astringent, but the color is AMAZING! 

Back Again

  Yes! We are back in our classroom with a new group of students, eager for hands-on learning.  An invigorating way to realize how long

Full of Heart

It has been 4 years since we’ve been able to gather as a school community for our signature Harvest Meal.  For many students this event

Garden Day Monday 10/11/21!

We’ve been working hard on revitalizing our garden space here at Ida B. Wells, planting starts, weeding, and everything in between! Here are some snapshots

A Bowl of Comfort

Sometimes just a bowl of something simple and warm helps in ways nothing else can.  This posole, made by Chefs Brenda and Debbie along with

Nov 2020 – Shifts

We’ve been doing a lot of counting and maneuvering these days, making sure our packing of deliveries are correct and packed in a way that

Music To Our Ears

It’s time to hit the reset button and relax and begin to tell a wonderful story. I’m eager to share that we are in the

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