A Bowl of Comfort

Sometimes just a bowl of something simple and warm helps in ways nothing else can.  This posole, made by Chefs Brenda and Debbie along with our student intern, represents all we hope for in the future. Sustenance for everyone.  Days without anxiety or burden for all.  Hope.  Hospitality.

We look back on the more than 7000 meals we’ve made for families of our school this year and think “wow” and “oh,”  bittersweet with hope that our families will stay safe and fed over the summer.

We are unsure what life will be like when we return to the school building in August. Keeping our backbone of why we do what we do and keeping it positive will lead us to help more young people in ways that are meaningful and matter to them.

Thank you to those who are keeping inspiration and hospitality alive, especially right now!  Feeding people, such a simple act, still connects us and has once again, become inspiring in and of itself.