Vibrant Summer Thankfulness For A Great Spring Finish


Sometimes our week feels full of challenges as we see our amazing students navigating everything in our classroom and in their lives.  And sometimes there lands a resounding satisfaction that what we are doing is worthwhile and life-changing.  Being able to bring back our Long Table Dinner was one of those affirming moments.  And it couldn’t have happened without our staff, volunteers, and donors:


Volunteers James and Heather came forward and helped in ways that were perfect.



Wildwood Beverages gave us an excellent and refreshing start to our menu.



And Brokaw Avocados supplied the absolute best avocados for our endive salad.




What most people don’t see is the satisfaction in the eyes of our students for a job well done, and their attunement to their abilities and eagerness to do more after seeing how valuable their work was to people they didn’t even know. To see that spark quickly come alive again in our classroom is magic.


Thank You Brenda!


You brought your very special calm and caring style into our classroom after sprinting with us as we made meals for 30 families every week in 2020. You’ve brought a resounding value back into our activities and we wouldn’t be feeling our forward momentum again without you.

We look forward to seeing your future adventures unfold!