Game Face

LTD5 group shot 300dpi hue bright1 label
Right before serving Long Table Dinner 5.

I don’t normally post pictures of my students, we are simply too busy. Now that it is “Spring Break,” I should have my feet up, not be plowing away at the computer, right? I am luxuriating in my own way though, listening to the rain with an extra strong pot of tea and some (still warm) chocolate cake.

All I can think of is how proud I am of my students.   Our young people (everywhere) are facing huge challenges and no matter how different we may seem,  how different our stories may be, at our core we have the same basic needs.   In our multi-screen based world, young people are growing up not only never having cracked open an egg, but more importantly, not knowing how it feels to be a part of something and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. This is what being a part of something and accomplishing looks like.

Heat of the Kitchen is coming up to a few crossroads in 2014. We’ve been truly lucky to have the kind of support we’ve had – it has allowed us to keep our “work simulation” classes going, even though they don’t fit into familiar educational models.  In this place we have created, where education and industry are thrown into the same room (with sharp knives and hot surfaces), it is important to remember why we are doing it the way we are.  Because it is real, it is valued by our students, and it creates a lasting, common bond.   Expect more on our views, here and on Nopalize, as we move forward.  Thank you for your support!