Our First Week of Hospitality In The New Year

It was the first time I really made a good meal like that.  Different. Something that I wouldn’t have tried, but glad I did b/c it was good.–2nd period student

I enjoyed it immensely.  It was really fun learning the steps and actually doing hands on work was good. — 3rd period student


Italian Frittata with Tomato Sauce, Salad with Oranges & Fennel, Italian Almond Cupcakes (Torta Di Mandorla)
Not a problem.  In the third quarter we seem to go from orientation into measuring into teamwork pretty quickly, even though most of the students are new to the class.  I love the pride and sense of accomplishment.  I will include a link to the rest of the student quotes, the above is an accurate representation of the class sensibility.
The students are raising the bar for me, not the other way around!  Pretty cool.