Full of Heart

It has been 4 years since we’ve been able to gather as a school community for our signature Harvest Meal.  For many students this event is the first time that they take in what our school has been known for – the family-feel in our efforts that help us all move forward with a kind heart. We are in this together and this meal demonstrates that on every level.


And this year, it couldn’t have been better.  Chefs Brenda and Debbie used the time wisely in this first two weeks of our Hex 3 grading period.


Favorite student quote the day before when the pressure was on in our ground floor culinary classroom”. “You are doing it right!  You can smell it all the way up to the 3rd floor!”


And during the event, everywhere you turned, you could sense the enjoyment of a meal well made and catch glimpses of people helping each other – packing leftovers, staying and cleaning, thanking and presenting flowers to our chef teachers.


And now that the professional rhythm has been set in the culinary classroom and our students understand the power of what they can accomplish together, this next month and a half will be even more rewarding!