Back Again


Yes! We are back in our classroom with a new group of students, eager for hands-on learning.  An invigorating way to realize how long it has been since we’ve been able to cook in the way we used to, using all of our senses to notice, and seeing each other smile at our accomplishments.


Like these brussel sprouts that were cared for by our summer student interns (thank you!), we can feel our strength again, slowly growing and reaching – and listening for the best ways to support our youth as they get ready for life after high school.


And we need to keep pausing and checking in to keep things at our best. So we’ve decided to let most of our garden rest for a few months with oats, grasses and red clover for a healthy spring planting.  There will still be a few beds growing plants of interest for our students, but it feels good to be planning in a healthy way for the garden.


Meanwhile, we’ll give our all for our classroom activities and who knows? Maybe we can build to an event or even a Long Table Dinner in mid-October?

Fingers crossed.  Stay tuned!